Our Vision

Our vision is to become a preeminent cyber security service provider at the global level. We are committed to continuous research &development.

Our Mission

To provide trusted professional solutions and services in the field of cyber security, artificial intelligence, IT security audit ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2013), awareness, training programs for Cyber Crime Investigator, technical and legal professionals, secure software development, cyber forensics, digital marketing/ brand promotion, secure network solutions, legal consultancy, whereby the society gains the knowledge of emerging cyber threats and become sensitive towards cyber crime prevention, detection and security solutions.
We specialize in various parameters of IT Audit including Network Mapping, Vulnerability Assessment, Exploitation of Vulnerabilities, Penetration Testing, Review & Assessment of security policy and controls as per best practices, Application security assessment, log review, incidence response, malware detection etc. as per the requirements for IT Security Audit & Assurence by CERT-In.
In the Audit process, various Information Security Management System (ISMS) international standards are followed in identifying the Non Conformity and required compliances.