Cyber Security Awareness

Digital technology has made our lives easier, has brought innumerable benefits to the society but at the same time we are facing new serious threats in the form of cyber crimes. Unintentionally, due to lack of proper knowledge many of our children, youth, corporate houses and innocent people are falling in its trap. They are becoming offenders and victims of this crime.

Dissemination of knowledge about cybercrime (its legality, technicality, variety, occurrence, modus operandi, magnitude and preventive measures etc.), and safe use of computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone, internet, Wi-Fi, bank cards, e-banking, social media etc. to protect from the clutches of cyber-crime, through lectures & seminars in schools, colleges and universities in general & professional, technical and engineering institutes in particular. These services are further extended to social & business association and clubs also.

“No honorarium/ remuneration is charged whatsoever”.

  1. For Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical, Management & Professional Institutes, Groups, Clubs, Associations etc.